Friday, August 13, 2021

Federal election call could come as early as Sunday

A Federal election call could come this weekend, 
with a number of signs indicating that the Prime Minister
will chart the course for a September vote

The election campaign drums are beating loud out of Ottawa this week, with much speculation shared on Thursday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will make his trip to Rideau Hall to visit with the newly installed Governor General Mary Simon to set the course forward for a September election.

At the moment, the Liberal government is that of a minority government, the Prime Minister seemingly looking to follow a successful blue print from BC Premier John Horgan from last year. 

This time with Mr. Trudeau it appears ready to take the country to the polling stations in the midst of a pandemic in his quest for a majority.

The date most mentioned yesterday would be for a September 20th election, with federal candidates already ramping up their planning just in case the rumours of yesterday become an election writ on Sunday.

Even without an election call, some of the local politicians in the region have already begun to touch base with their would be constituents; with political support calls starting to become a frequent experience when a phone rings around the Northwest.

Incumbent NDP MP Taylor Bachrach used his social media feed this week to alert his supporters to the potential election call, while also revealing his re-election signs to be put in place should the campaign get underway.

In the Northwest, all but one of the major political parties on the federal scene have announced candidates for any potential campaign, with only the Trudeau Liberals yet to name a candidate or even to indicate if they plan on holding a nomination process.

The focus for the Liberal campaign very much one of their leader, with would be party members being urged to join in with "Team Trudeau"

However, when it comes to keeping things current for Skeena-Bulkley Valley the Liberals social media postings are rather limited, with little new to share since 2019, and no details as to their plans for a campaign should it be set in motion this weekend.

You can review out notes on the pre-election preamble here, updates to the file could come as early as Sunday depending on how the Prime Minister's weekend walking plans pan out.

For a glimpse at some of the early feedback on the prospect of a September election see our political portal D'Arcy McGee

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