Monday, August 16, 2021

With election campaign underway, some candidates make their first pitch, while others bide their time

The launch of the 2021 Federal election came early Sunday morning when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid his visit to Governor General Mary Simon and asked for the dissolution of Parliament.

The visit charting the course for a short sprint to the finish line of just 36 days, the shortest period allowed for a campaign, before a new government will be elected on September 20th.

With the PM's visit to the GG complete, some of the declared candidates in Skeena-Bulkley Valley were quick out of the gate to launch their campaigns, with three of the five declared to this point making their first appeal to the voters through Social media.

Incumbent MP, Taylor Bachrach recounted his two years of service to this point and outlined his enthusiasm to meet with voters, hitting the hustings in Terrace on Sunday, with a trip to Prince Rupert on the agenda for today.

Conservative candidate Claire Rattée is looking to build on the support she received in the 2019 election campaign as she launches her second bid to represent Skeena Bulkley Valley residents.

For Jody Craven, the Federal election brings him back into the federal political scene, that following a quest for provincial office last year, the People's Party of Canada candidate offered a short message through his social media feed that channelled some of the theme from party leader Maxime Bernier.

The Green Party's Adeana Young and Christian Heritage Party candidate Rod Taylor both have yet to make note of the launch of the election campaign period.

The Liberal Party of Canada still has yet to even nominate a candidate, or outline any campaign plans through their social media feed.

You can access the Candidates and their messages through the links below

New Democratic Party
Taylor Bachrach 

Conservative Party
Claire Rattée

Green Party of Canada 
Adeana Young

Christian Heritage Party
Rod Taylor

People's Party of Canada
Jody Craven

Liberal Party of Canada
No Candidate announced as of yet

A look back at how the parties fared in 2019 when the NDP's
Taylor Bachrach came out atop the final vote tally 

To get a sense of what may come in the weeks ahead, you can review the 2019 results here they provide a poll by poll overview of how the candidates fared two years ago and where some shift in the numbers could change the political dynamic in 2021.

A look back at the vote from the 2019 campaign can be examined here.

Information on how Elections Canada will host this campaign, including how to ensure you are registered to vote can be explored from the Elections Canada website.

Notes on the campaign trail through to the September 20th vote can be reviewed from our archive page here.

For a wider overview of the national campaign, you can keep up with the daily developments through our political blog D'Arcy McGee and our Ottawa Observations archive.

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