Monday, February 22, 2021

Prince Rupert Council to consider Temporary Use Permit for area of land near Miller Bay

Council will consider a request for a Temporary Use permit
for storage of construction items from demolition at a site
near Millar Bay off of Highway 16
(Map from City of PR Agenda for tonight)

Members of Prince Rupert City Council will receive a report tonight from their contract planners from iPlan that will provide background on a Temporary Land Use permit request for a property around the Miller Bay Area on the outskirts of the city.

The Report for Council prepared by Chris Buchan, notes of the restrictions in place towards unenclosed storage space in the P1 Zone and how the need for temporary storage space is required owing to the constraints on the local landfill site.

The land for the storage request is currently is vacant, and the plan is to store construction materials as follows:

The Applicant has proposed to store construction demolition materials such as: Plywood; Roofing shingles; Drywall; Insulation; and Carpet.

The full documentation for this evening's session is available from the Council Agenda Package, starting on page 6.

Before they consider the process to send it forward for public notification, Council members will have an opportunity to seek out further information and relay their observations towards it for the public.

You can review more of what's ahead for this evening's City Council Session, see our preview here.

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