Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Road Closures make for route adjustments for city travellers

One of two Road Closure notices along Summit Avenue

The hardest working group at the moment for the City of Prince Rupert are the city's work crews on  Road Closed duty with two locations of note for the day around town.

The first is along The Southern side of Summit Avenue where the City has put in place a Road Closure for east bound traffic, with Road Closed signs found at Omenica and where the two Summits feet to the west by the Hospital.

The City's Facebook advisory notes that the closure is in place while Crews complete work along Summit, though no timeline is provided towards the repairs.

The second Road Closure of note for the day is on the east side, where residents of the Hays Cove Circle/Sixth to Eighth East region are still taking a re-route around ongoing waterline work, that project began earlier this month, with the City extending the Road Closure notice on February 18th.

Updates for both will be posted to the City of Prince Rupert Facebook page.

For more notes on past civic infrastructure themes see our archive page here.

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