Thursday, February 18, 2021

Prince Rupert hockey fans mourn the passing of Jules Robinson

Jules Robinson (middle row left) was a member of the legendary 
Prince Rupert Halibut Kings team as trainer, a role he reprised
with the Rampage when Senior Hockey returned to the North Coast

(photo from Prince Rainy Rupert FB page)

A long time fixture for Senior Hockey across the Northwest for decades has passed away, with the Prince Rupert Rampage providing note of the sad passing of team trainer Jules Robinson. 

Their tribute to his love of the sport that dates back to the days of the Halibut Kings gaining many remembrances and salutes through their Facebook page.

Robinson who first as a member of the legendary Halibut Kings, would over the years become the living history book of local hockey lore, serving as the bridge between the halcyon days of The 70's to the new generation of the Rampage.

With a talent for storytelling, he shared his vast knowledge and love of the game and history of Prince Rupert hockey through his work as trainer for the Rampage part of the team from the first day, though he had slowed down a bit with his duties in recent years.

Beyond his work through the decades and the ins and outs for Senior Hockey in the region, he was also part of the Prince Rupert Minor Hockey scene. 

His dedication to local youth instrumental for generations of Rupert hockey players towards learning their earliest of skills, some of them working their way to a reunion with their former coach when they joined the Rampage.

The tributes continue to be added to the Rampage Social media page, you can take a walk through Prince Rupert Hockey history and add your own remembrances through the comments portion of the post which you can review here.

With the current CIHL season cancelled as a result of the COVID pandemic, the Rampage will have to wait to the fall to provide for a fitting farewell to one of the Deans of hockey for the North Coast. 

A night that will no doubt make for many a story and the occasional double tap of a horn in celebration of a true North Coast hockey man.

More notes on the Prince Rupert Rampage can be explored here.

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