Thursday, February 25, 2021

City of Prince Rupert introduces online survey towards planned changes in civic zoning

 The City of Prince Rupert is looking for some community engagement online towards planned Zoning changes, with City Staff making use of the Rupert Talks platform to outline some information and take some feedback on their plans from residents.

The project went online on Monday, though the official notification of the project did not make it the city's information stream until today, with notice posted to the City's Facebook page and the civic website.

The information relay includes some background on the zoning issues, as well as an Information video to help explain some of the themes for review.

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The City includes a link to the Current Zoning Bylaws as well as the updated measures and other resources, all of it available here.    

As for your comments or observations, the Survey takes participants through a number of elements of the zoning plans seeking comments or questions for each.

Included on the list are 

Home Occupancy
Parking Standards
Secondary Suites
Outdoor Vehicle and Equipment Storage
Short Term Rental Accommodations
What role if any that Shipping Containers may have
Student Housing
Plans for the Marina District
Expansion plans for the Industrial areas near Ridley Island and the Highway
Commercial uses of the City Centre
Miscellaneous Additions, such as Cannabis operations, Daycare increases in building heights

Those with an interest in the zoning plans or who wish to take the survey can access the Rupert Talks page here.

The survey will be open to submissions until 4PM on Wednesday March 17th.

It's noted as part of today's launch that city officials will review and respond to any questions participants may have and will summarize your comments for Council.

Still in the works are plans for a Public Hearing on the issue, hopefully one that will allow for public gathering once the current COVID regulations are relaxed.

You can review some of the previous work on the Zoning issues from our archive page here.

For more background on zoning and other municipal themes see our  Council Discussion page.

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