Saturday, February 20, 2021

Saturday afternoon wind and rain ... a preview to the main Weather event ahead for tonight and Sunday


The first bands of rain and gusts of wind for what could be a significant weather event began to arrive along the North Coast on Saturday morning into the afternoon, the preview of Rainfall event that will see up to 150 mm of precipitation on the North Coast tonight, overnight and into Sunday.

As we outlined yesterday, Environment Canada issued the original Rainfall Warning on Friday Afternoon, updated again at 4:13 this afternoon, alerting the region to the volume of rain, which will accompanied by winds with gusts up to 70 km/h through this afternoon.  

A few of them causing come shingles to come off some buildings in the downtown area.

Some roofing material came off a downtown building during the windy afternoon

Low Tide at Rushbrook Floats Saturday afternoon

The Saturday preview arrived during the course of a low tide, while the main force of the oncoming pacific front will arrive to coincide with two High Tides the first 14.4 feet  at 8:26 tonight and again at 8:21 AM  when it will reach 17.4 ft.

The Weather Warnings extend into the Central Coast which will have much the same conditions as Prince Rupert, while  the Terrace/Kitimat region has rainfall warnings in place for up to 80 mm of rain overnight.

Marine conditions also come with a Gale Warning now in effect for Hecate Strait, with winds of up to 40 knots and seas to three metres overnight

For updates on the approaching weather follow the Environment Canada website.

Further notes on past weather events for the region can be explored here.

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