Sunday, February 21, 2021

Blog Watching: Week Ending February 21, 2021

Housing dominated a lot of the conversation this week in Prince Rupert, the focus of the discussion some social media contributions from two City Councillors.

The recent decision on the Kootenay Avenue housing plans made for an on line essay from Councillor Reid Skelton-Morven, while the call for more housing for Seniors made for a social media contribution from Councillor Barry Cunningham.

Our notes on another civic theme also found a large audience this week, with a strong volume of readers reviewing our notes on a City of Prince Rupert request for proposals related to garbage collection and curbside recycling.

COVID-19 remained a major topic as well these last seven days and for Prince Rupert the recent surge of positive cases pushed the North Coast to the top of this weeks release of local health data, with Prince Rupert surpassing Terrace for the first time since the virus arrived as the community with the most case reports in a seven day period. 

And our look at a new initiative to attract more residents and workers to Prince Rupert was popular, as readers learned more about Make Prince Rupert Home, the collective work of four stakeholders in the community led by the Prince Rupert Port Authority designed to showcase what Prince Rupert has to offer, with hopes of enticing new residents to make the move to the North Coast.

Of our five stories of note on the week,  the most read story that captured the most attention was how the collection of garbage may look later this year, as well as the prospect of a curb side recycling program finally taking launch in the community.

City of Prince Rupert puts ambitions for new curtsied collection program in motion, including new plans for use of city supplied garbage cans for residents  -- A newly placed Request for Proposals on the BC Bid website, provides a glimpse at how garbage collection may change in the city, as well as for the oft requested introduction of curbside recycling in the community this year    (posted February 16, 2021)

That article was followed by:

Councillor Skelton-Morven's Take Two on Housing: New Chorus, same refrain  -- Prince Rupert city councillor Reid Skelton-Morven, expanded on his comments related to Nimbyism of earlier this month; delivering a lengthy essay to the theme through his Social Media feed, which quickly became the subject of much talk along the social media forums in the city.  (posted February 19, 2021)

Prince Rupert now leads Northwest review of reported cases of COVID-19 from the BC CDC-- For the first time since the coronavirus was first reported in the Northwest, Prince Rupert's count of reported cases topped the listings of all communities in the region.  (posted February 17, 2021)

Councillor Cunningham renews call for development of Condos for Seniors -- The ongoing debate over what kind of housing is needed in Prince Rupert got a kick start last week from Councillor Barry Cunningham, who provided for some of his talking points through his Facebook page, reinforcing his long running desire to see an expansion in seniors housing for the community.   (posted February 17, 2021)

Hopes for a little speed dating for Prince Rupert ... As online worker/resident recruitment program launches- - With the refrain of jobs are here, jobs are coming from City Council and a number of its partners in recent months, a new recruitment project debuted this week. That with Prince Rupert Make it Home set to flood Social media feeds in target areas beyond the North Coast through to May, all part of a plan to bring more workers and residents to the North Coast.  (posted February 16, 2021)

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