Friday, February 12, 2021

Air Travellers through Terrace get second COVID exposure alert of the week

For the second time this week, the BC CDC has issued a traveller alert for those who flew out of the Terrace-Kitimat airport, making note of a West Jet flight from February 8th for attention.

The flight in question, Flight 3106 from Terrace to Vancouver, with attention directed to those in rows 3-9 who potentially have been affected by the advisory.

The notice from yesterday, comes just three days after a previous alert for February which noted an Air Canada flight on February 1st for the attention of travellers.

The volume of passengers through Terrace could now be on the rise with the suspension of Air Canada's Prince Rupert-Vancouver service as of January 18th

That also means that more residents of Prince Rupert and area could have been at the Terrace airport on the day listed by the BC CDC. 

On the page, the BC CDC advises that Passengers on a domestic flight with a COVID-19 case should self monitor for symptoms for 14 days.

The BC CDC also offers up some advice on Self-Isolation protocols, as well as Self Assessment support and tools.

For the latest on the provincial response to COVID-19 see our archive page here.

A look at some of the past advisories and other aviation themes in the region is available here.

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