Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Haida Gwaii's WIND WARNING marks the only Weather Warning in BC ... for the moment

Haida Gwaii stands alone as the only are of 
British Columbia under a Weather Advisory at the moment

Haida Gwaii can claim some bragging rights this AM, the archipelago hosting for the moment the only Weather Warning in the province, something quite fascinating for the middle of February in Canada.

And if we expand the Environment Canada map even further, Canada's most western point pretty well dominates the landscape with only a few points in the Arctic and Newfoundland of note for weather today.

The Islands are currently under a WIND WARNING put in place by Environment Canada just after 4:30 this morning.

Islanders should prepare for winds from 90 to 110 kilometres per hour as the approaching weather system makes its presence known in the early hours of Thursday morning. 

The weather system will also bring periods of rain starting just after midnight to Haida Gwaii, with the rain also destined to arrive on the North Coast overnight, settling in for an extended stay through the weekend. 

The oncoming mass of marine weather should banish the cold temperatures of the last few weeks, with highs of 5 and 6 above anticipated for the remainder of the week.

The waters of Hecate Strait will also be active through the next few days with a STORM WARNING in place through Thursday. The marine forecast calls for winds of up to 60 knots after midnight, with seas of five to seven metres overnight.

You can keep up with any updates to see if Prince Rupert is added to the Weather Warnings from the Environment Canada website.

For more notes on past weather events see our archive page here.

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