Sunday, February 28, 2021

Blog Watching: Week ending February 28, 2021

It being a Council week, a number of themes coming out of the Monday Prince Rupert City Council session dominated much of the reading time for those exploring the blog.

Among the Council related topics of note, a look at the still suspended status for flights out of the Digby Island Airport, the presentation that makes for a Monday night Council session and plans for land use near Miller Bay all of which found a large audience over the last seven days.

The continued presence of high COVID numbers in the city also made for a much read story, that through our notes on the Wednesday data release from the BC CDC

Also gaining a large audience this week, our look at some provincial funding announced by the  BC government for some projects in the Prince Rupert area.

Of our five stories of note on the week,  the most read story that captured the most attention was our look at what is planned for some land on the outskirts of the city near Miller Bay.

Prince Rupert Council to consider Temporary Use Permit for area of land near Miller Bay  -- Our preview of one of the items from the Agenda for last Monday's Council session, related to some plans for land east of Prince Rupert captured the most attention of the week. It was a story we followed up on later in the week which outlined the outcome of the Council discussion on the theme.    (posted February 22, 2021)

That article was followed by:

Provincial Recovery Funding moves Prince Rupert waterfront project along -- In a week full of Provincial government announcements on funding, one Prince Rupert project found some forward momentum with a 1 million dollar contribution towards work on what the City has called its Rupert Landing project.  (posted February 23, 2021)

For the Second week in a row Prince Rupert remains atop the BC CDC local health authority COVID count in the Northwest  -- With two streams of outbreaks in the city from Acropolis Manor and SD52, Prince Rupert retained its placement as the regional hot zone for COVID for another week.  (posted February 24, 2021)

With Air Service to Prince Rupert still suspended, a councillor comes up empty in his quest for a word of progress towards a reversal -- Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa hoped to find some good news on the theme of air travel to the city on Monday evening, however much as it's been for close to six weeks now, there is nothing new to report on the status of Air Canada's suspension of service, or if there are any other air providers on the horizon.    (posted February 24, 2021)

Time for a format change for the Prince RupertCouncil call-in show-- Our look at the current presentation of Prince Rupert City Council and how it may need some fine tuning gained a large audience towards week's end. You can review all of our stories on this weeks Council session here.  (posted February 26, 2021)

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