Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Re Design Rupert/Sustainable City Archive 2020

An archive of items of note related to the Redesign Rupert project and other sustainable city initiatives in Prince Rupert.

Redesign Rupert

Prince Rupert 2030

Hays 2.0 vision plan

Sustainable City 2030

December 11 --

Rupert 2030 Vision plan Project tracker archive



December 11 -- Neat containers make for nice neighbours NCR

October 7 -- Land secured, City Council ready to move forward with RCMP detachment plans NCR




June 29 -- City of Prince Rupert's Moresby Fuel Tank Removal program heads for Phase 2  NCR
June 26 -- Council cautioned not to allow COVID response to become block for community engagement  NCR
June 25 -- Missing messages on Civic access NCR
June 24 -- City Manager Robert Long is 're-substituting" on Planning Duties for the retired Zeno Krekic  NCR
June 18 -- $99,900 in grant funding from the province towards 2030 Community Plan implementation  NCR
June 12 -- With planning changes on the horizon, City Council should update residents on status of the City's Planning Department  NCR
June 11 -- Port of Prince Rupert APM reviews challenges and opportunities ahead for the Northwest Gateway  NCR
June 10 -- City's Official Community Plan review to put focus towards on line engagement  NCR
June 8 --  Council to hear update on Official Community Plan process tonight NCR


May 1 -- Council looks for ways to communicate with the public in times of COVID  NCR


March 4 -- Mayor's latest travels take him to Climate Council Session  NCR


February 11 -- Mayor Brain appointed to Climate Solutions Council  NCR


January 21 -- City of Prince Rupert may want to hold off on plans for single use plastic ban; at least until provincial initiative roll out is delivered  NCR
January 14 -- Vision Steward Council to put Prince Rupert 2030 vision plans in motion  NCR
January 14 -- Council looks to consider single use plastic ban for Prince Rupert sometime in 2020. NCR
January 10 -- Ecotrust Canada and Coast Mountain College to introduce Community of Learning initiative on Saturday  NCR
January 7 -- redesign Rupert morphs to Economic Development Office overview  NCR

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