Tuesday, July 13, 2021

City of Prince Rupert launches container roll out for new Garbage/Recycling program

Delivery Day! A NCR reader has forwarded us a photo
of the new garbage/recycling cans being delivered to the
west side of Prince Rupert

(submitted photo)

The latest stage of the City of Prince Rupert plans for the introduction of a recycling program is now underway, this week featuring the roll out for the rolling Garbage and Recycling cans, with City workers delivering the blue and black collection bins around town.

This morning, a North Coast Review reader forwarded us a snap shot from the city's west side where residents are receiving their cans. 

As they arrive curbside the garbage cans are now available for use immediately; the blue recycling cans to be idle until the city's much anticipated recycling program gets underway in September.

As we outlined last week, the city of Prince Rupert, along with Mayor Lee Brain and Councillor Blair Mirau have been raising the profile of the new program in recent weeks, providing for Social media messages to spread the word on the recycling launch for the community.

The Blue Bin program will only allow for specific items to be included in the curbside program, with residents still required to bring those items that are not approved for home collection to the Kaien Road recycling centre in the Industrial Park.

Tuesday afternoon the city outlined some of the areas to receive their cans today, as well as information on who to contact if there are issues related to the delivery.

Some of our past notes on the Recycling launch can be explored from our Redesign Rupert Sustainable City archive.

Further items of interest on Prince Rupert City Council can be reviewed here.


  1. Did they say what I am to do with my old cans? Does the city have a program to pick them up and recycle them? I thought the idea is to keep stuff out of the landfill.

  2. They will pick them up and recycle.