Wednesday, July 21, 2021

T Buck Suzuki Foundation tracking impact of Connected Coast plans on North Pacific fishing fleets

With the Connected Coast project set for some forward momentum this year, the T Buck Suzuki  Environmental Foundation is looking to hear from trawler fishermen, who may be working between the Prince Rupert to Port Hardy area.

With the organization seeking some comment from them on any impact that they may feel the ambitious connectivity project will bring to their efforts at fish harvesting.

The Connected Coast Project, which is a partnership between Prince Rupert based CityWest and the Strathcona Regional District is making plans to begin construction of the subsea fibre optic cable that will bring high speed internet to a number of rural and remote coastal communities.

The project is still in the Design phase, with no announcements yet as to the start of active construction process and the start of the cable laying process.

As part of their advocacy for fishermen, the Foundation is looking to hear from local trawlers to inform them of the planning process and to ensure that the fibre optic cable is placed so as to avoid important trawl locations.

To discuss the topic with the organization, trawlers are asked to contact Adrienne a the T Buck Suzuki Foundation, she can be reached at

In their information relay, which you can review here, the organization includes a number of maps which you can click on to further explore the areas of note or concern.

You can learn more about the Connected Coast project from our archive page here.

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