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Connected Coast Archive

A compilation of items related to the progress for the Connected Coast Program, which is a fibre optic connectivity project hosted by Prince Rupert based CityWest and the Strathcona Regional District on Vancouver Island.

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September 27 -- Northern Health turns to Starlink to reduce risk, add resiliency to internet connectivity at Northwest Health care facilities NCR

September 15 -- CityWest in partnership with the Strathcona Communications Company prepares to add Gold River to their service area  NCR

July 17 -- With weekend concerns over loss of Internet, an update on the progress of the Connected Coast project would make for a welcome community engagement from CityWest NCR 

March 30 -- CityWest plans for Haida Gwaii resiliency project outlined in correspondence to District of Port Edward NCR

February 3 -- CityWest to host Community Forum in Fraser Lake as ongoing expansion continues NCR

January 20 -- CityWest features some familiar City Hall alumni in recent information sharing NCR


November 8 -- 6.5 million dollar investment to bring CityWest Last Mile Fibre project to the homes for Vancouver Island communities NCR

October 27 -- CityWest adds to its corporate portfolio, announcing acquisition of Gillies Bay Internet Society on Texada Island  NCR

September 9 -- North Coast Regional District to provide 500K plus in Financial assistance to CityWest NCR

August 17 -- CityWest Fibre to Home work continues on Haida Gwaii as focus shifts to Skidegate NCR

July 5 -- High Speed undersea cable make for connectivity for Haida Gwaii; as Conncencte Coast work nears 50% mark NCR

February 14 -- Regional District Alternative Approval Process underway on Regional Broadband plans  NCR

January 19 -- Connected coast work underway for Metlakatla this week  NCR


November 16 - CityWest and Gitga'at sign partnership agreement on Connected Coast Fibre to Home project. NCR
November 12 -- CityWest welcomes Haida Gwaii's Barry Pages to the corporate family. NCR

October 29 -- Connected Coast Project set to enter construction phase with arrival of cable laying vessel NCR 
October 29 -- CityWest and Council of Haida Nation announce joint partnership for Fibre to Home NCR
October 7 -- CityWest to outline Lax Kw'alaams plans in days to come NCR

September 13 -- CityWest to expand service to Haida Gwaii, as connected Coast initiative moves forward NCR

August 10 -- Connected Coast Funding puts Prince Rupert's CityWest on track to deliver internet connectivity to more Vancouver Island communities, as well as Haida Gwaii NCR

July 28 -- CityWest to join collaborative venture in Bella Coola, Central Coast NCR
July 21 -- T Buck Suzuki Foundation tracking impact of Connected Coast plans on North Pacific fishing fleets
July 9 -- CityWest signs partnership agreement with Vancouver Island communication provider NCR
July 7 -- Connected Coast program sees comment period open on land use plan for connection to Haida Gwaii 
March 26 -- CityWest to receive more than 10 million dollars for Connecting British Columbia project
January 7 -- CityWest and Strathcona Regional District hail next step forward for Connected Coast program


October 14 -- Connected Coast plans take giant step forward with CityWest/Strathcona Regional District announcement 
August 31 -- Connected Coast project reaches new benchmark, with Request for Proposals issued by CityWest and Regional District of Stratchona
July 10 -- CityWest Request for Info process launched towards Connected Coast ambitions
July 8 -- Connected Coast project shows glimpse of some momentum after information from Vancouver Island studies released
February 20 -- With No Fibre laid yet, Connected Coast fibre optic project sill mired in process


May 31 -- Jennifer Rice offers chance for Premier Horgan to highlight infrastructure, internet and cel phone initiatives for Haida Gwaii and North Coast


August 1 -- CityWest partner, Strathcona Regional District to put Connected Coast Broadband plans to Alternate Approval Process
May 4 -- CityWest and Strathcona Regional District launch online home for Sub Sea Communication project
February 14 -- Sub Sea Fibre project gets shout out in BC Speech from the Throne
January 18 -- CityWest outlines the blueprint for subsea fibre plans
January 17 -- CityWest to receive share of Federal/Provincial funding for improved internet services


August 15 -- CityWest awaits Federal funding decision on subsea fibre plans 

A wider overview of CityWest related notes is available here.

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