Thursday, July 22, 2021

Nisga'a Nation re-opens Nass Sockeye access for food fishery


A Food Fishery opening on the Nass has been announced
by the Nisga'a Nation

(image from Nisga'a Nation website)

After having closed Food Fisheries from July 15 to 19, the Nisga'a Fisheries and Wildlife Department announced earlier this week that the Sockeye Food Fishery would re-open on July 20th.

Nisga'a officials noting of some recent improvement in the runs, though still exercising caution over the status of area stocks.

While the Nass Sockeye fishery is resumed, it is stressed by the Nisga'a officials that Food fish for Nisga'a citizens should be the first and only priority. 

As well they noted that the food fisheries for Nass Chum, Coho and Pink are also open.

All fishing for Chinook Salmon on the Nass remains closed, as returns continue to below their escapement targets.

The information release from Monday also included some data on Weekly Nass Sockeye and Chinook runs.

More on the Nisga'a announcement can be reviewed here.

Further notes on the North Coast fishery can be examined from our archive page.

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