Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Port Edward follows other Northwest communities in lifting of Townsite Campfire ban

With the cooler and somewhat damper weather having made an imprint on the North Coast in recent days,  the District of Port Edward has joined the list of communities that have lifted a local campfire ban with their townsite limits.

The District noting that the Port Edward Fire Department will be monitoring the weather ahead and reassess the lifting of the ban should hot and dry conditions return to the region.

Included as part of their advisory from Monday is a map that outlines the area where the small fires are now allowed, as well as some further guidance on fire safety from the District.

As we outlined last week, both the City of Terrace and the City of Prince Rupert rescinded their local small fire bans with some conditions, along with noting that the fires would only be allowed in areas within the municipal boundaries.

More items of note from Port Edward can be explored here.

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