Monday, July 19, 2021

Increased privacy, efficiencies key to Renovation plans for Prince Rupert Regional Hospital

Northern Health will be looking to redesign much of the main
floor at Prince Rupert Regional hospital

The lobby area of Prince Rupert Regional Hospital may one day in the not too far off future have a new look, as Northern Health puts a major renovation project up for Bids, seeking to get a start on towards design work  themes as soon as the bidding process comes to an end in early August.

The first step is the planning will encompass the need for review and revising the main floor layout to better accommodate the Operating Room (OR) and Emergency Room (ER). 

The lobby area is just one element of a planning phase for a main floor renovation, with Northern Health outlining the scope of their vision for the Hospital as part of the Bid Package now available on the BC Bid website.

The scope of the project covers eight key elements ranging from design for the new front lobby experience and for ER triage and plans to repurposed the current Ambulatory Care  waiting room into a family room.

The first step of the project is the call for bids for the Design work now underway and is set to close on August 6th at 2 PM,  the design work is included as part of this year's funding. 

As for when the crews may arrive to move the project forward, Northern Health notes that they would be working towards completion of the actual renovation work at some still to be determined point in the future.

Of note for when the renovations move forward, Northern Health notes that future construction would be split into two phases: 

Phase One would be to work on the ER space. 

Phase Two would encompass the OR area. The planning is to take into account the fact that the ER and OR spaces are to remain functional throughout the future renovation, so phasing will need to be considered. In general, the scope of this work consists of architectural layout, code and standards compliance, confirmation of electrical capacity, and HVAC capacity and/or upgrades 

The full overview is available for a look from the BC Bid website.

More notes on Northern Health can be explored here.

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