Thursday, July 15, 2021

Park Avenue Modular Hotel proposal to go to Public Hearing July 26th

A Public Hearing on the rezoning of Land from Residential
to Commercial towards a proposed Hotel development
will take place on Monday evening

(item above from previous City of PR Agenda)

A project which was first proposed prior to the adoption of the new Official Community Plan has now made it as far as a Public Hearing, with the City of Prince Rupert announcing that the hearing for the Park Avenue Modular Hotel development will take place at 6PM on Monday July 26th.

If the zoning change from residential to commercial is granted, the project would see a 60 unit complex constructed along Park Avenue adjacent to the Park Avenue Store, the process sent to Public hearing on June 28th with a covenant in place towards the development.

Image of the proposed Park Avenue Modular Hotel,
the development is up for a Public Hearing on Monday

(image from past City of PR Council Agenda)

At the time, some of the members of Council noted how despite having zoned the area for residential as part of their desire to steer commercial development to the downtown area, they nonetheless felt that their actions to allow for the development made for a good balance on land use.

"Our intent was to cluster commercial development closer to Cow Bay and you know there was some suggestion that rezoning this back to commercial or letting it remain commercial was contrary to that objective ... the covenant question I think was an important one because it strikes a really great  balance on land use as well as size, because by restricting the land use for the purposes of temporary accommodation you're not now opening up the door for retail development ..." - Councillor Blair Mirau at the June 28th Council session

"As it was pointed out to us in the presentation earlier. .. We did make a move to change this zoning, but I do believe it was just a matter of unfortunate thing for these proponents and I think that this Council is open to hear you know even though it is kind of funny that here we are after just approving our Official Community Plan  we are doing an amendment to it, but I think that is the right move" -- - Councillor Wade Niesh at the June 28th Council session

Towards the Public Hearing in their notice, the city outlines what the process will bring for those who attend in person.

"All persons who deem themselves affected by the proposed Bylaws shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the Bylaws."

Should you not be able to attend the 6PM meeting on Monday evening, you can deliver your written submission by mail or email to the Corporate Administrator.

The mailing address is 424 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 1L7

By email send your submission to

The deadline for those submissions is No later than Noon hour on July 26th.

Should you require more information contact Ms. Miller at 250-627-0963

The city notes that a copy of the Bylaws and relevant background documentation may be inspected at the City of Prince Rupert City Hall during regular office hours from 930AM to 4 PM, the information will be available to the public until this Friday.

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