Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A summer break from blogging

We're going to get a head start on the Long Weekend travel and a chance to get one final break in this exiting COVID summer. 

As we head out, we take leave of our blogging themes for the next little while, with a return target of somewhere along the lines of August 9th or so.

Towards those preparations to head off into the sun (we hope), we had offered a sacrifice and ministrations to the Weather Gods for our loyal readership. 

That as we sought to secure a full ten days of sunshine for the North Coast in our absence. 

Alas, it would appear we only partially appeased the Weather Deities with our offering.

As a result, we can offer up mostly sunny skies to shine on Prince Rupert during our absence, though we shan't talk about next Tuesday and Wednesday if you don't.

While we take a break from the delivery of new and original content, feel free to browse our archive pages found as part of our right hand column and catch up on some of the themes you may have missed in recent weeks.

We'll see you back on the other side of forecast period.

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