Thursday, July 22, 2021

Northern Health seeks feedback on laboratory Service experiences for patients

The experiences for those using Northern Health's laboratory services in Prince Rupert been a topic of much discussion through social media in recent weeks and with the conversation still one that can bring out more than a few opinions, the regional Health Authority is looking to hear more on the experiences region wide.

This week, Northern Health introduced a survey to receive feedback on the experiences that residents of the Northwest have found at their local labs, with the health authority looking to use that feedback to improve on the services offered in the region.

The survey which is anonymous,  features 11 questions, some of which include how long of a wait was required for an appointment, the ability to conduct all the tests in the same visit and your observations on the entire process.

It also provides space for an expanded answer on what suggestions you have to make the next visit a better experience.

You can access the survey here.

The local situation in Prince Rupert has been exacerbated in recent weeks by a fire that took place at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital in May, an incident which has provided for some challenges for the hospital lab and frustration for those who use the services.

Lab services and other themes on health care in Prince Rupert are among areas of potential review and advocacy for when it comes to the often proposed Prince Rupert Health Advocacy committee, a project first outlined by Councillor Barry Cunningham a few years ago, but one which still has yet to be officially launched through City Council.

More notes related to Health Care in the region can be examined from our two archive streams found here.

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