Thursday, July 22, 2021

With wildfires burning across BC, some don't heed message on campfire bans

All of BC including the Northwest remain under
a campfire and open burn fire ban 
(photo from BC CO Service FB page)

While much of the province is facing some extreme wildfire conditions, some taking to the BC wilderness in the Skeena Region have seemingly not taken seriously the orders in place prohibiting open burning or campfires at this time.

The BC Conservation Officers Service made note of two recent incidents yesterday in the Skeena Region which saw their members issue two violation tickets for contravention of current fire restrictions. 

It was not disclosed where in the Skeena region that the two tickets were issued.

Things may be a little less dire for the Northwest in the days to come as the current precipitation in Prince Rupert makes its way eastward, however, with a Provincial State of Emergency put into effect earlier this week, many of the restrictions will remain in place until the current fire dangers for the entire province have come to an end.

That may not be for a bit of time yet however, the daily notes from the BC Wildfire Service outline that as of today, there are currently 272 active fires burning in BC, 8 of them starting in the last two days.

You can track the items of note from the BC Wildfire Service here.

For updates on the situation across the Northwest follow our archive page here.

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