Friday, July 23, 2021

Pace of Seal Cove Recreation area construction slows somewhat, as work continues to provide much anticipated access to community

Work on a major initiative on  the city's east side seems to be somewhat of a more relaxed pace these days, so they may not make the optimistic deadline of a summer launch for the Seal Cove recreation area project. 

With a trip this week to the area showing some progress has been made, but with still much to do before residents of Prince Rupert and area and visitors to the community can explore the highly touted project.

A footbridge over the marsh will be one of the signature
pieces of the 4 million dollar project

A view over the vista of the project shows the rough outline of what will come with a newly installed footbridge in place and some of the other elements of the development now in place, though much of the site is still an active construction site. 

There appears to be still much to do before the 
Seal Cove Marsh Project reaches the finish line

The initiative which is officially known as the Seal Cove Marsh Project is a partnership between the City of Prince Rupert and Prince Rupert Port Authority and was recently part of the presentation at the Recent Port Authority Annual Public meeting.

Ken Veldman spoke on the plans moving forward for the
development of the Seal Cove Marsh Project as part
of the June Annual Public meeting for the Port
(from the PRPA APM video)

The project timeline, is one which at that June meeting that was still suggesting that the largest elements of the work will be completed later this summer, with an indication that the area should be ready for community recreation by that period of time.

The Port outlined the scope of the project back in May with an update on the progress for the 4 million dollar project.

“These enhancements will bring new life to a part of Prince Rupert’s waterfront that’s been historically impacted by human and industrial activity. We are committed to ensuring the future of Seal Cove is cleaner, greener and more welcoming for the many species that call it home, as well as providing people with a safe place to take a stroll or sit and relax with family and friends.” -- Ken Veldman, Vice President of Public Affairs and Sustainability in May of this year. 

The original timeline had suggested access by early August, though perhaps a little later into the summer is now the target date.

It is one of the more anticipated recreation related developments of recent years and will make for a natural addition to the Rushbrook Trail and on further towards other recreation development in the region.

So no doubt, residents of the region are hoping that the benchmarks for construction are still attainable and that the chance to explore the new area comes along before the end of summer.

The Seal Cove project is one of a number of initiatives listed as part of the city's vision 2030 planning, you can review the past notes on it and other projects here.

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  1. also worth remembering how badly the PRPA botched their last green space redevelopment (their own parking lot). spaces are way too small, outdoor seating coverings are too thin to protect against rain when there is a lick of wind. garden planted with a whole bunch of invasive non-local species. Plus, was months behind schedule too.

    pair that with the months of ridley road delays, and you would think someone from the port's engineering department would be on the hot seat by now...or at the very least that the NCR would draw attention?