Sunday, July 18, 2021

Blog Watching: Week ending July 18, 2021

A quick response to a call from the Pinnacle Renewable Energy terminal on the waterfront for the Prince Rupert Fire Department made for the most read story of the week, the item outpacing the rest of our list of five by a healthy margin.

Other themes explored on the week that were of significant interest, included the roll out of the delivery by the City of Prince Rupert of the new garbage and recycling cans to homeowners across the city.

Some further controversy was found at the School Board office this week after the July special session made for a resignation from the Board Chair's position and some apparent heated debate of recent events.

The big jets are returning to regular service in the Northwest, though you will have to travel through the Terrace airport to get a glimpse of the Air Canada Airbus A320 which now offers service three times a week between Terrace and Vancouver.

And some news from Port Edward puts the wrap on our list of five, as the District outlines its plans for this summer in a quest to introduce more housing in the community.

However, the top item of interest for the week comes from the waterfront and a response to a fire call at the Pinnacle Pellet shipment terminal.

Overnight fire a Pinnacle Renewable Energy Terminal quickly contained  -- Members of the Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue Department and employees at Pinnacle Renewable Energy worked to quell an elevator fire at the waterfront terminal in the early hours of Tuesday morning this past week. (posted July 13, 2021)

That article was followed by: 

City of Prince Rupert launches container roll out for new Garbage/Recycling program -- With the City having provided some instructions the week previous, the Operations Department began the delivery of the garbage and recycling cans that the City has purchased for use as part of the new garbage/recycling program for the community.  (posted  July, 13  2021) 

Ongoing School District distractions, taking away from much required focus for students and the year ahead   --  The summer months are providing for more controversy at SD52 with the Chair of the Board of Education stepping down amid much discussion at this month's special session. posted July 15 , 2021)

Terrace travellers to see larger plane for Air Canada transit to and from Vancouver   --  Those who travel through the Terrace Airport this summer will be finding a change to the flight options with Air Canada, with the national carrier introducing an Airbus flight three times a week to the Northwest (posted July 12, 2021) 

Port Edward update  puts focus on housing plans for community -- Port Edward officials are sharing notes on two potential housing developments for the community, outlining what the twin initiatives will involve as part of an update to the community for June  (posted July  14, 2021) 

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