Thursday, July 15, 2021

Communities across Northwest BC share in transportation funding from Province of British Columbia

Investing in transportation across Northern British Columbia has been the focus of the latest information release from the Province of British Columbia.

The announcement from Wednesday providing some background as to how the province has distributed 11 million dollars in transportation programs across the North, some of which has been put to use across Northwest BC.

Rob Fleming, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure noted of the importance that the province has attached to rebuilding infrastructure in the northern region.

“Investment in our transportation infrastructure has never been more important as we focus on recovery from the pandemic. These infrastructure recovery projects are important for communities as they improve access to crucial services and provide good jobs that lay the foundation for strong economic growth.”

Among the projects to be highlighted in the information release, is an active transportation project in the Smithers-Telkwa region, known as the Cycle 16 Trail project.

This three-phase project will build a paved path that connects Smithers and Telkwa with rural areas, making it easier and safer for runners, cyclists and others using alternative transportation. Funding supported detailed design, signage, clearing, grubbing and drainage work, a cattle underpass extension, safety barriers and the production of materials in preparation for future delivery.

You can learn more about that initiative here.

As for the full roll out of the grant funding, Prince Rupert and Port Edward are not listed in the update from the province of yesterday, but a number of other communities in the Northwest were and how they plan to put the money to use is listed below:

Skeena, Bulkley Stikine, Nass 

Bulkley Stikine -- shoulder widening projects on side roads to improve the safety of people walking and cycling
Bulkley Stikine -- Brushing along Highway 37 and side roads
Bulkley Stikine --Slide and washout repairs

Smithers-Telkwa -- Cycle 16 Trail improvements including design, signage, brush clearing and drainage work
Smithers -- rip rap production and stockpiling in the Smithers area

Topley -- complete design to replace undersized Watson Creek culvert along highway 16

Terrace --intermittent shoulder widening along Krumm Road
Terrace -- replace Mountain Creek culverts along 1 Avenue adjacent to Lakelse Lake

Hazelton -- replace undersized culverts along Aldous Road
Hazelton -- design and materials production for Ksan Slide in Old Hazelton

Stewart -- produce and stockpile rip rap and complete preliminary design for future road grade changes to mitigate against flooding on Highway 37A

Skeena River -- produce rip rap and place for erosion protection
Skeena -- brushing along various Highway corridors

Bell II -- produce and stockpile material to complete future channel training and erosion protection works to protect Highway 37 against climate related events and Snowbank Creek flooding

Telegraph Creek -- gravel production for Telegraph Creek Road

Laxgalts'ap and Giglolx -- install rip rap and various scour protection measures to mitigate against flooding of No Name Creek along Highway 113

Haida Gwaii 

Haida Gwaii -- produce and stockpile rip rap for erosion protection works

Sandspit -- Complete erosion protection at site along Alliford Bay Road

The full announcement can be explored here.

More notes on past provincial funding can be reviewed through our Legislature archive pages.

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