Monday, July 26, 2021

As BC returns to a sense of more normal times, COVID counts inch up; though bulk of new cases now listed for those without vaccinations

Today's daily review of COVID-19 related data provided a snap shot of a virus that is still circulating, with the weekend case count reaching 267 cases,  94 from Friday, 79 from Saturday and 94 from Sunday.

The increased numbers have come as the province moves into the the latest phase of the COVID recovery program and as more and more British Columbians take advantage of the relaxed measures and more opportunity to return to a more normal time and the additional access to family and friends that has come with the end of the State of Emergency related to COVID.

The vast majority of the new cases are found in the Interior Health region with 144 cases reported over the last three days, while the Northern Health region only listed five new cases over the weekend for a total active case count of 14.

The COVID Data Dashboard for July 26th for
both British Columbia and Northern Health
(click to enlarge)

The most recent release on July 21st of local health data for the period of July 11 to 17 from the BC CDC,  continued to show the success that has been found in the Northwest, thanks mainly to the aggressive community vaccination sessions that took place over the Spring and into the summer.

Much of the Northwest continues to deliver strong results when it comes
to COVID-19 in the Northern health region
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However, of significant note from the latest data is, that for the most part the majority of those cases of the virus are now being diagnosed for British Columbians who are partially vaccinated, have not as of yet been vaccinated for COVID-19, or by those who have chosen not to be vaccinated.

96% of COVID-19 cases are among those not fully vaccinated, BC health officials say
COVID-19 cases in BC are up - but 78 percent of new cases are among unvaccinated people

The data itself as good an advertisement as could be found to spur on British Columbians to seek out an appointment to get the double jab to add some protection for them and their families. Some advice recently delivered door to door across the region by way of a home mailer campaign. 

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Towards British Columbia's vaccination efforts, Health Minister Adrian Dix shared some statistics today to chart the progress to date.

Find out the ongoing Vaccination program in your area of Northern health here.

More on today's information release can be reviewed from the Monday COVID review.

We track the daily statements from our archive page available here, updates to the totals are made each evening that results are released by the province.

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