Monday, July 26, 2021

Plans for Telus Cellular Communication Tower in Prince Rupert up for review at Council tonight

A tale of two options will be the focus for a report to City Council
tonight that outlines plans for a Cellular communication tower
within the city limits in Prince Rupert

(From the City Council Agenda for the July 26 session)

City Councillors will have opportunity to review and comment on a report from the city's contract planners at iPlan on the proposed placement of a cellular communication tower in Prince Rupert, with a bit of a difference of opinion to be found on the location preferred by Telus (located near the BC Hydro location on Highway 16), compared to the city's desires for a placement (on the highway adjacent to the Industrial park area).

In his report Robert Buchan fro iPlan outlines some of the concerns that that the city has expressed about the visual impact of having a cell tower at the location preferred by Telus, a tower which has been modified from the original plan of a 50 metre tower to that of 30 metres.

The report notes that the Telus proposal does not meet the criteria for two of the six elements listed as part of City Council policy.

The report, along with the recommendations to Council towards their options, is included as part of tonight's Agenda can be reviewed below.

Following the presentation of the report, the City's council members will have an opportunity to ask further questions and seek additional guidance from the contract planner on the topic.

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  1. Please focus on the visual impact of 3rd avenue, instead of throwing up obstacles to progress.

    1. Scratch that previous comment, placing the tower there (near BC Hydro entrance) could hinder future residential/commercial development plans for that parcel.