Monday, July 19, 2021

UBCM convention to explore reconciliation themes, hosting Murray Sinclair as one of the key presentations for Virtual September municipal gathering

The umbrella organization that represents all of the province's municipal governments is putting the finishing touches on their September program for the 2021 Virtual UBCM convention from September 13 to 17.

And as they do, organizers have been able to secure a "Big Get" for the five days of connection and convention, announcing that Murray Sinclair will be one of the prominent speakers during convention week.

In an update for delegates from  last week, UBCM officials announced that the convention would have a significant focus on themes of Truth and Reconciliation.

The UBCM plenary session set for Tuesday September 14th will address the urgent question of how Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities might walk further along the path towards truth and reconciliation. 

The panel will feature the Honourable Murray Sinclair, Chief Commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and will provide guidance for local governments seeking direction on how to meaningfully and effectively act on the TRC Calls to Action.

The Honourable Murray Sinclair the Chair of the
Truth and Reconciliation Commission of 2015
will be special guest speaker to the UBC convention this year

(photo from UBCM)

As the head of the Truth and Reconciliation commission which delivered its report in 2015, Mr. Sinclair participated in hundreds of hearings across Canada, culminating in with the TRC’s widely influential report. 

In 2017 he and the other TRC Commissioners were awarded the Meritorious Service Cross (Civilian) (MSC) for service to Canada for their work on the TRC.

Following the recent march through city streets and the Waterfront ceremony of July 1st in commemoration of the Children and Survivors of Residential Schools, Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain issued a statement through his Facebook page .

His commentary one which outlined his thoughts on the issues surrounding Canada Day in 2021 and the need to work further towards Reconciliation.

To this point however, the City of Prince Rupert has not seemingly developed any official policy, or at least announced it to the public, as to how the municipal government may wish to approach that reconciliation. 

The desire to build partnerships and relationships with Indigenous communities on the North Coast has been part of the Vision planning for the community; first as part of the Hays 2.0 program and the with the Prince Rupert 2030 document.

But when it comes to active discussion in City Hall Chambers, the topic of reconciliation, which did gain some attention in November of 2017  is one which for the most part has not made for much conversation as part of their work during the public council sessions.

The City's council members may find their voices following this years UBCM Convention, as the delegates exchange ideas and hear the wisdom that Mr. Sinclair will be sharing with them as to what a path forward for municipal government may look like.

As it was last year, the 2021 UBCM convention will not be one  requiring travel or participation with in person attendance; but rather will once again be a virtual event, with delegates remaining in their home communities, the program for the 2021 event can be reviewed here.

More notes on municipal government in Prince Rupert can be reviewed here.


  1. This article contains a demonstrable lie.

    "To this point however, the City of Prince Rupert has not seemingly developed any official policy, or at least announced it to the public, as to how the municipal government may wish to approach that reconciliation" - North Coast Review

    Checks notes...

    "Coast Tsimshian, City of Prince Rupert sign relationship protocol"

    "City of Prince Rupert strengthen their commitment to Coast Tsimshian nations"

    "Metlakatla, Lax Kw'alaams and City sign Relationship Protocol"

    1. Well, lie is a bit of a stretch ... more like a forgotten theme owing to a lack of any follow up info from the City.

      But on the theme of your notes, has there been any further discussion on those relationships and what is the current state of the city's reconciliation work?

      The sentiments are very positive, but that protocol was two years ago; so perhaps an update on where the reconciliation work is at and what tangible policies are now in place, might be a welcome part of the dialogue.


    2. What you said is untrue/false = lie. It's the textbook defintion.

      your lack of integrity is glaring in not making a correction to your story. plus you blame the city for your own misleading article? cmon man do better.

    3. Well, you hold to your talking points if you wish as to integrity, no mater what I say will not suffice I imagine. Though why you continue to read a source of information that you are so troubled by is somewhat confounding, I'm sure there are some Facebook feeds you would find more enjoyable towards your preferred narratives, maybe you even host one? The fact is there has yet to be any real plans outlined or implemented, to the themes on reconciliation, though we are hopeful of seeing some tangible steps at some point! NCR