Thursday, July 15, 2021

One month Environmental Assessment Comment period for VOPAK Pacific Canada set to start July 22nd

The location for the proposed VOPAK Bulk Fuels Terminal
the Environmental Assessment comment period will open for
submissions on July 22nd
(image from PRPA documentation)

The next stage of the application process for proponents of the VOPAK Pacific Canada Bulk Fuels Terminal will get underway next week, with a one month comment period to start for those wishing to comment on the proposed terminal development on Ridley Island.

As they have outlined over the course of the last few years, VOPAK the Dutch shipping giant is looking to build a bulk liquid tank storage facility and marine export terminal at Ridley Island, the company hosted two virtual public Open Houses last November.

Some of the material presented as part of the November Open House
(From VOPAK website)

The Environmental Assessment process, which is hosted by the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office will begin to accept public comment on July 22nd with a closing date for your contribution to arrive on August 21st.

As part of the consultation, the BC EAO is seeking information  not already considered or provided by the technical working group and other previous reviews.

Once the deadline for contributions arrives, the BC EAO will then consider and analyze all of the public commentary and then finalize the documents to prepare for referral to provincial ministries which will decide whether to issue an environmental assessment certificate for the project.

To participate in the consultation you can find the VOPAK project on the BC EAO website here, once the comment period opens you will be able to submit your contribution to the Commenting on Projects link.

Alternately, you can submit your comments by mail or Fax to the address/fax number below:

Gareth Stuart
Project Assessment Director
Environmental Assessment Office
PO Box 9426, Stn Prov Gov't

Fax Number -- 250-356-7477

You can access all of the provincial documentation on the project from the BC EAO website here.

As well, copies of the draft referral materials will be available for viewing at the Prince Rupert Library at 101-6th Avenue West.

VOPAK has a website page that outlines more of the scope of their project, included on that page is a collection of their documentation from all of their previous consultation since introducing the project in 2018.

You can review more of our notes on the proposed development from our archive page.

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