Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Port Edward update puts focus on housing plans for community

The District of Port Edward is knocking down the to do list this year, with
a number of initiatives currently underway

(Photo from District of Port Edward)

With Port Edward Council shifting to their summer schedule for public sessions, Mayor Knut Bjorndal's greetings for the next couple of months will have less to note on Council proceedings and more on other notes of interest to the community.

For July, the focus is on the home stretch of the District's paving program and the prospect of more housing in the future, with two areas of note highlighted for July.

In his District Update the Mayor observed that  the major portion of the road work has been completed and that the District is now awaiting the final bit of paving to take place, a process that got underway this week.

When it comes to Housing, Mr. Bjorndal has updated residents of the District on the ongoing environmental studies underway to support a housing proposal on Alder Avenue towards what would be a phased development if it goes ahead.

As well, as we noted last Friday, the District is now taking the first steps towards development of the old School site, with plans to redevelop that area for an affordable housing project.

The Mayor also noted of the major achievement of working to remove trains whistling requirements through the District an item we made mention of on Monday.

The Full Newsletter can be reviewed here.

You can find more notes of interest on things from the District from our archive page here.


  1. Shame on you Port Edward for your paving, housing strategy and lack of boil water advisories.

  2. yes shame is right...because they are doing it on Prince Rupert's dime. how much are we subsidizing their community? they dont pay taxes to support the airport ferry, lester centre, landfill, golf course, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on. and yet we still have to send almost $1 million in taxes to them every year