Tuesday, July 20, 2021

With Bears starting to stir, Port Edward issues a note on attractants

The summer season means an increased potential for Bear interactions and in the District of Port Edward, some of the District's public works employees have noticed signs of bear activity near the townsite.

As a result the District has provided a reminder to its residents over the ned to be vigilant towards how they store their garbage and dispose of items that may be attractants for the animals. 

Last year, the BC Conservation Officer Service was called out following reports of bears in Port Edward and Prince Rupert, putting out traps for bears that had become a little too comfortable in the urban setting.

So far they have not provided for any reports of problem bears or other wildlife issues for the Northwest region this summer, though they did offer up reminders for the public earlier this year when the bears began to awaken fro hibernation.

To reduce the potential for human/bear interaction the BC Conservation Officer Service has a range of helpful tips for the public to review. Should you have a wildlife concern to report the process to follow can be reviewed here.

Wild Safe BC also has some background notes of interest to the theme.

More items of note from the District of Port Edward can be explored here.

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