Thursday, October 27, 2022

CityWest adds to its corporate portfolio, announcing acquisition of Gillies Bay Internet Society on Texada Island

Prince Rupert based CityWest has announced another
communication acquisition this one on Texada Island

Prince Rupert owned and operated CityWest has announced another acquisition today, noting of an agreement with Gillies Bay Internet Society on Texada Island.

The partnership agreement in one that is noted as an opportunity to bring better connectivity to the community located between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland.

CityWest will take over the existing infrastructure that the GBIS had managed, providing copper and wireless Internet service to 250 homes and businesses on Texada Island. 

The announcement also comes with an initial $150,000 investment from CityWest to upgrade the existing infrastructure in the community. CityWest will work with the leadership team from GBIS to determine how to best allocate the funds.

Texada Island is the latest point on a map for CityWest expansion

Stefan Woloszyn, CEO of CityWest noted of the work ahead towards finalizing the agreement. 

“We see Texada Island as a great opportunity to bring our company’s expertise to a community with massive potential for connectivity. We have been honoured to work together with the Gillies Bay Internet Society on a plan for better connectivity in their community.” 

More notes on today's announcement can be reviewed here.

It's the latest of a number of acquisitions and partnerships that the City of Prince Rupert owned communication company has taken on in recent months.

The company, along with Stratchona Regional District is a participant in the Connected Coast initiative.

As CityWest notes:

When complete, the Connected Coast project will provide backbone communication services to 139 rural and remote communities, including 48 Indigenous communities – representing 44 First Nations – along the BC Coast from Prince Rupert, to Haida Gwaii, south to Vancouver, and around Vancouver Island.

You cam explore more on the recent expansion themes from CityWest through our archive page


  1. Citywest has become an engine of economic development on the coast, including in rather obscure places, and is making remarkable progress in paying down its interest-free loan from the City, now about $17 million. Thankfully the city has no need for the $46 million that it has invested in this public enterprise.

  2. Don't forget about the $20 million that was forgiven due to economic conditions back in 2008.

    The $20 million loan forgiveness is shown on page 17 and the reference to "current economic conditions" is on page 21.

    That wouldn't be useful at all.