Monday, October 31, 2022

CN Waterfront Station project work is moving along


The City's remaking of the old CN Waterfront Station into the new home for the Wheelhouse Brewing Company continues on with its steady construction pace.

We took advantage of a sunny day last week to check out the site, which proved to have a busy pace of work on the inside as workers take to their tasks after the gutting of the interior.

The Waterfront station project didn't make the list this time around for Operations Director Richard Pucci's Major project update this month.

However, the project was one of the items of note from the recent Farewell to Council by outgoing Councillor Blair Mirau who observed of the waterfront projects which will create waterfront amenities for the Community.

Originally the timeline for the project was marked for a fall move for the Wheelhouse, that move in date has since been extended to sometime early in 2023.

You can review some of the past history to the project through our Waterfront Project Archive page.


  1. This project seems to work seven days a week a lot of the time including statutory holidays. Is the city paying premium time for this work. What percentage of the workforce is local? These are questions maybe Mr. Pucchi could answer at his next report. Is there a penalty clause in the lease agreement for a late completion of construction?

  2. Fair questions, but better to put them to the mayor and councillors since they're the ones that are accountable to the public or are supposed to be.