Thursday, October 27, 2022

NDP Premier Designate David Eby one step closer to taking oath of office following visit with Lieutenant Governor

The process it seems is a bit lengthy from anointed choice, to taking the big chair at a caucus meeting, but David Eby is making his way there ... slowly but surely.

Confirmed last Friday as the new NDP leader and soon to be Premier of British Columbia, Mr. Eby met with Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin on Wednesday.

The get together part of the process towards taking over from John Horgan and charting the course forward for Mr. Eby's NDP government.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice took note of Mr. Eby's path towards the Premiers office today, with a social media post observing on his lengthy days in the lead up to the transfer of power, whenever that may come along.

The Premier Designate has been busy assembling his transition team, which features a familiar face for the Legislature, with Carole James among those helping guide Mr. Eby towards the task of running the province that is ahead of him.

There is still no firm date announced for the changeover from the Horgan to Eby Premiership. 

However, as he noted from his press conference from the Lieutenant Generals Residence, with the Fall Legislature set to wrap up towards the end of November, it would seem likely that Mr Eby will turn in his Premier Designate badge for the real thing before the Legislature rises.

Update: The Date for the changeover has now been set for November 18th

Mr. Eby noted of his plans for 100 days out of the gate to get many of his programs introduced or in place.

After that, he has until October 19, 2024 to call an election and face an electorate for the first time as Premier. Which could make for a two year period for Eby to find his feet as Premier and put his stamp on the office.  

Though it would be a period which would not come with a public endorsement by the public until the election call in two years time.

That is if he holds true to the fixed election date, though it has been a flexible instrument in the past, recently put aside in 2020 towards the delivery of the current Horgan government.

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