Thursday, October 27, 2022

City offers up reminder on Fireworks Ban in Prince Rupert

The City of Prince Rupert has posted an advisory to its social media feed, reminding residents that Fireworks are banned within the city limits, unless a permit has been obtained by a Certified Professional.

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The reminder is a timely one, as it would appear that more than a few residents of the community may not be aware of the ban, that at least the unscientific findings from around town over the last few weeks with occasional bursts of noise and sparkles in the sky.

The Fireworks Bylaw goes back to the seventies and most recently amended in 1996. 

You can review the details to it here, though from past audio/visual  experiences, we're not sure how successful the City has been in the past when it comes to penalty phase of the bylaw.

As the City notes, there is the Big Show set for Halloween Evening at the Civic Centre with Mount Hays serving as the backdrop to the annual pyrotechnics spectacular.

The Fireworks display comes as the finale to the Halloween Events at the Civic Centre which takes place from 6:15 to 8:15 PM

You can review all of the Halloween Notes we have to date from our Spooktacular Showcase page.


  1. Another example of GOVERNMENT thinking it is their job to keep you "safe" by administering your private property without right.

    1. Well it is kind of their job to keep the community safe, and bylaws towards fireworks and such probably are aimed towards that goal.

      Not sure that your 'right to private property' supercedes the rights of those living around you to an expectation of peace and quiet mind you ...