Friday, October 21, 2022

Changes for Northwest Radio tuning brings familiar voice back to former stomping grounds

The Bounce Radio studios in the Atlin Terminal Prince Rupert
a familiar voice to many on the North Coast has 
taken up the microphone through their Terrace station

The ever changing nature of radio has seen a bit of rotation for a popular Northwest radio personality, with Steve Little now making for the morning run on Bounce Radio.  

The Northwest network that came out of the TK and Mix days and broadcasts its regional network programming out of the Atlin Terminal in Prince Rupert.

And while Mr. Little isn't physically in the Prince Rupert studios, his voice and popular morning features were booming out across the Northwest week, that as he settled back into a familiar radio home.

Having started his career with CHTK in Prince Rupert over thirty years ago, he went on to considerable success with first the TK/Mix system in Terrace and then with CFNR, his travels making for a frequent visitor back to Rupert for remotes and local community events.

Radio being radio, there have been some changes in the Northwest sounds of late, with CFNR recently seeking out new management personnel and bringing in some new voices for their programming out of their Terrace studios.

But for loyal fans of the new but familiar voice at Bounce; the migration of the dial is probably already in full swim ... or bounce if you will.

Those that may be in the Terrace area this weekend, can welcome Steve Little back on the air by popping by his remote location at Andre's Electronics in the Skeena Valley City. 

Bounce will also be on location at the Andre's Prince Rupert location.

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  1. I definitely turned the dial to follow Steve Little. Great job Bounce for scooping him up!

  2. Thank you so much I’m so excited to be back at cftk/chtk bounce

    1. Congrats on your return to the radios of the NW, hope it's another long run for you.