Friday, October 21, 2022

BC NDP make it all official, David Eby takes on leadership of Party

The NDP will be looking to the future from this point, on, having put what became somewhat of a controversial leadership race behind them yesterday; Party officials announced this morning that David Eby is now the leader of the party, taking the duties of leader and soon those of Premiership of BC, from the departing leader John Horgan.

Mr. Horgan it is anticipated is to resign in December, though is still not clear if the handover of office will take place before that time.

The leadership race news for today was relayed through a pair of short Social Media messages.

The new leader has charted his course ahead for the future of the party and their re-election hopes through a livestream broadcast from this morning.

He addressed how he would tackle the first 100 days as the new Premier, noting of his plans towards affordable housing, creating safer communities, taking on the issue of fossil-fuel subsidies to focus more on clean energy projects and to improve access to health care. 

With a nod of sorts the slight insurrection from the environmental side of the party's ranks, the new Premier designate outlined how he looks forward to working with Anjali  Appadurai and those who made her message their cause, telling climate activists that they remain the future of the party. 

Eby also praised departing leader John Horgan, noting of the leadership he has shown over the years and through his stewardship of the government, observing how Mr. Horgan will have a legacy that will last for a very long time.

Now that the NDP have announced their leader, don't expect a race to the polling booth in the short term.

Mr. Eby notes that he plans to remain committed to the fixed election date which would keep the calendar clear of an election call until October 19th, 2024.

Though two years in BC politics is almost a lifetime, so the potential for changing opinions in the mercurial land of the Legislature is always there.

Check back on our Darcy McGee blog later tonight, for a recap on how the British Columbia media has viewed the NDP leadership race and the rise to the top for David Eby.

More notes on themes of the Legislature can be explored here.

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