Thursday, October 27, 2022

City of Prince Rupert Opens Tender Process for Public Works facility work on Chamberlain

There may soon be some renovation work underway at the former Sherman GM
building at Portage and Chamberlain. That as the city puts some work out for
tender for the future home of the Public Works Department

The City of Prince Rupert is seemingly ready to move forward with renovations to their recently leased facility on Chamberlain Avenue, as they prepare to the turn the only Sherman GM location into the new home for the Public Works Department.

A Request For Tenders was issued on Wednesday towards some Structural work for the facility as the City looks to prepare for second floor offices in the facility.

Scope of Call for Tenders from BC Bid
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As part of the tender  process, a site visit for Bidders is set for 10 AM on November 2nd.

The Bid process closes on November 8th.

The Contract award will be issued on November 10th, with the successful bidder expected to be mobilized on the site by November 21, the work is expected to be substantially completed by February 28th of next year.

As part of the documentation towards the Bid, the Area of work appears to run along the showroom side of the old auto dealership that faces on Portage Avenue.

Area of work related to the City's call for Tender for
work on the Public Works Facility
(From BC Bid)

Daniel Rajasooriar is the contact person at City Hall for those with enquiries related to the Bid process.

The Bid package can be reviewed from the BC Bid website.

The planned move to the facility made for a segment  of Mayor Lee Brain's State of the City presentation in July.

Fencing went up around the site in late September, the timeline for the project has not made for conversation in recent City Council sessions.

Operations Director Richard Pucci was in attendance at the most recent Council session, however the topic of the plans for the new Public Works location did not make for a review or questions from Council  as part of the Monday session.

A look at some of the past RFPs and Bid calls from the City can be explored through our archive page.

Past discussion topics for City Council can be reviewed from our Council Discussion archive.


  1. Here is a chance for a council member to be bold and ask an ugly question.
    How much money have tax payers paid to date on the lease only to get to an RFP announcement?

    1. Why don’t you go ask yourself at the monthly COW? Weird how anonymous people demand accountability yet are too afraid to do anything about it!

    2. Not really sure why it's expected that residents should be doing the work of the elected city councillors who are paid to ask the kind of questions that have been posed here.

      It is kind of part of their job description when they run for office, the recent importance of the last few years of being part of the 'team' seems to have taken away from that kind of responsibility and need for public civic oversight


    3. Great justification to hide behind your computer screen

    4. Much like council hiding behind closed meetings

  2. The planning and engineering costs are never factored into the city estimates. the public would be upset if they knew how much stuff really costs!

  3. most hurtin blog ahha

    1. Thank you for the word salad, much appreciated.