Thursday, October 27, 2022

North Coast MLA/Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP hail additional air service for Haida Gwaii

Pacific Coastal Airlines has added to their Masset schedule

Pacific Coastal Airlines will be adding to the transportation options for residents of Haida Gwaii, with the Vancouver based airline set to add an addition flight to its Masset - South Vancouver Terminal Schedule starting on November 7th.

The call for additional service came following a recent schedule change by Air Canada to Haida Gwaii and their service to Sandspit,  a shift that has created challenges for residents owing to the BC Ferry schedule during the refit of the vessel Kwuna.

Both North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice and Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach celebrated the Pacific Coastal Announcement on Wednesday with an information release.

Pacific Coastal advised travellers of their plans on Wednesday morning. 

video presentation from the airline highlights some of the points on the Pacific Coastal Travel map.

The additional service for Haida Gwaii is certainly good news for traveller to and from the Islands, particularly as it makes for expanded travel options for residents.

Of note from the Wednesday information release is the personal actions taken by the elected officials to improve on the situation for Haida Gwaii. 

There is not indication however if they are working in a similar fashion towards seeking additional air options for Prince Rupert residents through the Digby Island airport.

At the moment Prince Rupert  is only served by one flight a day from Air Canada, a similar gentle nudge by the two representatives might assist towards an expanded Air Canada flight schedule or to help spur some interest by another air carrier to consider offering service to the North Coast as well.

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