Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Applications for Housing Supports through Youth Transitions Program available until November 1st

The North Coast Transition Society is alerting youth in the community who many qualify of a housing assist program that could offer a 600 dollar a month rental supplement for up to two years.

The Ministry of Child Family Development Rent Supplement program is currently taking applications, with the closing deadline to apply set for November 1st.

The Program is available for young adults who meet at least one of four criteria for the program.

Are eligible for the Agreements with Young Adults program

Spent 24 cumulative months in any care status between ages 12 to 19

We're adopted/had their custody permanently transferred to someone other than their parent between ages 12 to 19

Eligible young adults will need to be renting in the private rental market in the province.

Those looking for more information on the program have three options to take advantage of:

For more information or support with filling in application, you can call: 

Renters at Risk Program Eddie 250 627 8959 ext 23 

Housing Outreach Program Kelly 250 627 8959 ext 24

Women’s Outreach Program Deana 250 627 8959 ext 32

More background on the program is available from this link.

Follow the North Coast Transition Society Social media page for other notes of interest on community programs in the Prince Rupert area. 

Further notes on housing issues in the Prince Rupert area can be accessed through our archive page.

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