Friday, October 28, 2022

Destination Adventure trek on the North Coast takes us to North Pacific Cannery Historical Site

A YouTube Adventurer who has become somewhat of a fixture on the North Coast over the last year has returned to the region and his latest feature on the video platform provides a unique look at one of the region's most recognizable tourist attractions.

Adventure videographer Dustin Porter had enough material
from his Port Edward stop for two videos on the
North Pacific Cannery Historical Site

Dustin Porter who has a series of travelogues on YouTube explores the North Pacific Cannery Historical site on his popular video stream this month. 

His access to the site providing some looks at areas that even long time residents and visitors to he site may not have had a chance to explore or even to have known about.

The North Pacific feature was an expanded version of his previous entry on the popular Port Edward tourist spot, which was more along the lines of the tours that take place each summer.

The two videos have so far been viewed by close 70 thousand You Tube viewers.

His travels make for an enjoyable bit of history mixed with tourism as viewers get to explore some unique places along with Mr. Porter. His projects providing a valuable bit of advertising for the local tourism sector featuring some fascinating glimpses into the region.

You can dig a little deeper into his travels, more than a few of them in some familiar North Coast locations, from his archive here.

More notes on Tourism in the Prince Rupert area can be found through our archive page.

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