Monday, October 24, 2022

Prince Rupert Players make their mark in Nanaimo Badminton Tourney

Phat Tran in action at a Nanaimo tournament earlier this month, he was one
of five participants from the Prince Rupert Badminton Group taking
part in the Vancouver Island event
(Photo from Prince Rupert Badminton)

The Birds were flying fast and furious earlier this month and In the thick of competition in Nanaimo were a number of Prince Rupert badminton players who found some success at the three day Nanaimo Open and Masters Event.

Amy Dopson, on of the five taking part in the Vancouver Island event provided the North Coast Review with a rundown on the action and how those from Prince Rupert fared at the tournament.

Among the Rupertites competing were Phat Tran who played in 4 events. He went undefeated in Men's Singles 30+ to be Champion. He lost in the final for Men's Singles 40+ and got 2nd place. In Men's Doubles 30+, he played with Jonathan Barton - they got 7th place, and he played with Tam Tran in the Combined Doubles 70+ (where both players' age combined must be 70 or more) - they got 9th place. 

Amy Dopson played in 4 events. She got 4th place in Mixed Doubles 30+ with Nate. In Open Women's Singles she placed 5th. Similarly, her & Gwen MacDonald placed 5th in their Open Women's Doubles. Her & Tam Tran placed 11th in Open Mixed Doubles. 

Jonathan Barton played in 4 events. In Open Men's Doubles (with Tam Tran) they were in the Plate Round and lost in the Semi Finals. In Men's Doubles 30+ with Phat, they placed 7th. In Open Men's Singles - he lost in Round 1 of the Special Plate. Him & Gwen placed 14th in Open Mixed Doubles. 

Tam Tran played in 4 events. In the Open Men's Doubles (with Jonathan Barton), they lost in the Semi-Finals of the Plate Round. In Open Men's Singles he lost in the Semi Finals in the Consolation Plate. In Combined Doubles 70+ he placed 9th with Phat Tran. In Open Mixed Doubles he played with Amy Dopson and placed 11th. 

Gwen MacDonald played in 3 events. In Open Women's Doubles (with Amy Dopson) - they placed 5th. In Open Women's Singles - she placed 6th. In Open Mixed Doubles with Jonathan Barton - they placed 14th.  

Amy Dopson watching the birdie's path as part of the
Nanaimo tournament of earlier this month
(Photo from Prince Rupert Badminton)

The three day tournament took place from October 7 to 9 at the Oliver Woods Community Centre in Nanaimo, 93 participants registered for the three days of high energy Badminton play.

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