Wednesday, October 19, 2022

British Columbia prepares to Shake it Out ... tomorrow morning at 10:20 AM

Across the province, educators, office managers and families in cities and towns throughout BC are putting together the final touches to their Shake it Out plans for 2022.

All part of the annual October Earthquake Preparation exercise for British Columbians.

Living along the active fault line of the North Pacific means that occasionally the earth is going to shift and things are going to rattle, more so for Haida Gwaii of late, but something that North Coast residents should keep in mind as well.

That, most recently as Thanksgiving Weekend ...

Towards better preparation should the earth move under our feet, the Province is reminding British Columbians of The Great British Columbia Shake Out. 

The day dedicated towards understanding what you need to do and how to be prepared for earthquake activity with some helpful advice on wha to do should an earthquake strike.

Taking place tomorrow, Shake Out BC Day is part of a worldwide awareness and practice session where we all will Drop, Cover and Hold On at 10:20 AM.

You can learn more about that simple process of protection  from this information page  from the Great BC Shake Out

Individuals can register their family,  while Teachers can get their classes involved with the Thursday
event through the events registration page.

So far the Participant totals for the North Coast Regional District region  stands at 8,406 which puts the North Coast atop list of those reporting from the entire Northwest to this point.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, provided a reminder of tomorrow's event through her social media feed today.

One of the keys when it comes to Preparation is to have the right plan and proper resources on hand at your home, school or place of work, learn more about that from the Prepared BC website and Twitter Feed.

One resource to check out is found on the home page for the Great BC Shake Out where you can learn more on the annual event, included in their information relay are some videos to assists in the preparation work.

More on information on the Shake Out program and how you can participate can be found here.

On Thursday, you can follow along and see how the province has fared through the Shake Out BC twitter feed

As a reminder of some of the seismic action in recent months along the North Pacific fault line, see our archive page here

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