Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Tahltan Central Government and British Columbia Government reach agreement on wildlife stewardship in Thaltan Territory

The members of the Thaltan Nation have been celebrating Thaltan Day today and in amidst the local celebrations has come an announcement of an agreement towards the stewardship of the Thaltan lands of Northwestern BC.

The Scope of how the arrangement will work was outlined in an information release today from both governments.

The Tahltan Central Government – British Columbia Accord on Wildlife Management outlines a vision and commitment for establishing a wildlife stewardship regime in Tahltan Territory. 

The accord highlights the Tahltan Central Government’s ongoing efforts to address the wildlife concerns of Tahltan people by protecting wildlife populations in Tahltan Territory with a focus on caribou restoration and predator management. 

It builds on and continues years of efforts to collaboratively advance enhanced wildlife stewardship in Tahltan Territory with the Province, including regional approaches achieved through the current Collaborative Stewardship Forum.

British Columbia and Thaltan Government officials at
today's announcement 
(from BC Gov't website)

The Agreement has three core elements towards wildlife management in the Thaltan Territory.

Joint wildlife governance 
Joint information and data collection

The BC Government And Thaltan
Central Government announced
an agreement on Stewardship today 
The Thaltan territory of the Northwest makes up 95,933 square kilometres of the province and is the equivalent of 11 percent of the province.

Chad Norman Day, president, Tahltan Central Government made note of the importance of the agreement that has been reached.

“The Tahltan Central Government – British Columbia Accord on Wildlife Management recognizes Tahltan title and rights, Tahltan local knowledge and Tahltan values. Since time immemorial, the Tahltan Nation’s identity and the essence of who we are as a distinct society has been connected to our land. We are the land. We are our wildlife. 

Tahltans have reiterated that there will be no world-class mining in our territory without world-class wildlife management and stewardship. This accord echoes our view. We have been standing up for our rights as Tahltan people, demanding respect of our knowledge and values, and fighting for our future generations. 

As a Nation, we are grieving the loss of our first Tahltan Wildlife Guardian, Jarett Quock. I am proud to see his passionate work reflected in this accord and thank him for all that he has done for the Tahltan Central Government, our wildlife department and the Tahltan Nation. I am grateful to our wildlife department and our guardians who are out on the land working hard to protect our wildlife. MÄ“duh.”

The announcement can be reviewed here, more on the agreement is available here.

You can learn more about the Thaltan Nation from their website and Social Media feed.

More items of note from the Legislature can be reviewed here.

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