Monday, October 31, 2022

BC Government introduces new payment model for doctors

It's been a busy day of clearing some outstanding labour issues for the incoming Premier Designate David Eby.

Earlier today we noted of some progress on Education, that with an announcement of an agreement with the BCTF quickly followed by one for the health sector.

That as Health Minister Adrian Dix introduced some changes ahead towards how the province pays medical professionals, a new payment model that the government is hopeful will retain doctors, as well as to help reduce the backlog of patients seeking family physicians.

As part of today's announcement outgoing Premier John Horgan noted of the work taken on with the Doctors of BC to reach a solution to the long running issues towards compensation.

“We know how important family doctors are in B.C., Rising costs, pandemic-related pressures and staffing shortages required action for doctors on several fronts. Working with the Doctors of BC, I am pleased that we have come up with a new payment model that makes B.C. a province that attracts, retains and supports family doctors, and ensures they can focus on what matters most – providing care to patients when they need it.”

There are two elements to the announcement from this morning, the first an outline of the scope of the Master Agreement.

That was followed by some background towards the new Full service family doctor payment model that the province will put in place by February of 2023.

Health Minister Adrian Dix, spoke of commitment and takin action towards the health care system coming out of the agreement.

“In January, as our B.C. pandemic entered a new phase, we said it was time to renew, rebuild and strengthen our health-care system. And the actions we’ve been taking, including the new payment model, come from working so closely with Doctors of BC and BC Family Doctors to find solutions that strengthen our health-care system, that renew its essential function, and that build on our support for doctors and the patients who count on them. Today is about commitment, action, and collaboration, and all they make possible in our health-care system.”

The Doctors of BC have provided for this backgrounder for their membership.

The full press conference introducing. the new agreement can be reviewed below:

The Province's statement and links to more background on the agreement can be reviewed here.

More notes on health care in the Northwest can be explored through our archive page.

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