Thursday, October 20, 2022

SD52 Student voting provides an alternate ending to the 2022 Municipal Election for Prince Rupert

Student Voters with SD52 had a slightly different view of how the
2022 Civic Election should have turned out

Perhaps Jason Hoang and Chrystopher Thompson were just four years too early in their quest for the Prince Rupert Mayor's chair. The two candidates just having to bide their time now, while their voter base reaches the age where they can take part in the official voting day process.

As we noted last week, School District 52 was participating in a Student Vote program to build knowledge of the democratic process and with the results released following Saturday's Municipal election, it would seem that the students may have had a few different ideas on how the community should be represented. 

The tabulation complete, if the students of SD52 could have a say, then Jason Hoang would be the Mayor of Prince Rupert today, ouptacing Chrystopher Thompson by 31 votes.

Mayoral Results from the 2022 Student Votes program

The Council membership would be somewhat different than what those over 18 determined on Saturday as well. 

With one incumbent left on the outside when it comes to those elected who would join Mr. Hoang in the four year term for civic governance. 

The students selecting two newcomers for 2022, with Andy Chugh and Teri Forster their picks to join four incumbents for the Council chamber.

City Council Results from the 2022 Student Votes program

The School District Vote Count would have seen some new faces for the Board of Education as well, with three challengers in 2022 finding success for students when the votes were counted.

School Board Results from the 2022 Student Votes program

The Port Edward Municipal race didn't generate quite the same volume of votes as the Prince Rupert version, but the students that did vote, offered up another alternative ending for the District.

District of Port Edward Results from the 2022 Student Votes program

When it came to Voter turnout, Charles Hays had the largest total, but PRMS was not far off the pace of the larger school when it came to participation. 

Only two Elementary schools  Pineridge and Roosevelt Park are listed in the results findings, with results for  Lax Kxeen, Conrad and Port Edward Schools not listed.

Total Votes cast as part of the Student Votes Program at SD52

You can explore how students cast their votes from each of the schools through the links below:

Charles Hays Secondary

Pacific Coast School

Prince Rupert Middle School


Roosevelt Park Community School

No reports for Conrad Elementary, Lax Kxeen Elementary, Port Edward School

The School District Race was also of interest for a few of the schools, with those results available here for that voting opportunity.

You can learn more about the Student Vote program from this link.

Dig deeper into results from across the province through this listing of the School Districts.

More notes on Education in the Prince Rupert area can be reviewed here.

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