Sunday, October 23, 2022

Blog Watching: Week ending October 23, 2022

Politics may have been the focus for the week, that following some controversy for the BC NDP, along with the results of the 2022 Municipal election of Saturday. 

And while the municipal vote only gained a 32 percent participation rate, it would seem that had local radio announcer, Steve Little been on a ballot, that vote count may have been much higher.

That's a takeaway from some remarkable interest in our late Friday story that looked at the return to the airwaves for the popular radio announcer, who signed on with Bounce Radio this week, our Friday account of that first week at the microphone one which outpaced all of other stories by a significant margin.

Other themes of note for the audience this week beyond the election and the radio ... included interest in our story on the city's call for expressions of interest towards a partnership on plans for a water treatment facility, something which quickly caught the attention of a local community organizer. 

This was also the week that the replacement program for the City's Welcome to Prince Rupert highway signs began, which also was of some interest to readers. 

Also gaining some attention this week was our look at an outage this week for the infrastructure that brings CityWest and cellulars services to the community, the second significant such situation of the year, this one as a result of a traffic incident somewhere to the east of the Terrace area.

From the weeks review however, the top item was focused the local radio scene and a familiar voice on a new, but also a familiar radio home for Steve Little.

Changes for Northwest Radio tuning brings familiar voice back to former stomping grounds  -- Our look at the return to the airwaves for long serving Northwest radio announcer Steve Little, proved to be our most popular item for the week. The piece rising to the top of the readership listings in less than 24 hours of its posting.    (posted  October 21, 2022)

That article was followed by: 

Vote count continues to put focus on self-inflicted democracy deficit in Prince Rupert -- Our post mortem of the 2022 Municipal election took note of the 32 percent voter turnout and how the lack of participation by the public in our democratic process, can have an influence towards how elected officials take to their duties.  (posted October 17, 2022)

Concern over city's water partnership plans spur on community organizing meeting in Prince Rupert -- A local community activist is looking to bring a proposed infrastructure project to the attention of the public. That following our story of Tuesday, that outlined the scope of a City of Prince Rupert BC Bid request, which is seeking expressions of interest towards partnerships related to the city's water treatment plant plans.  (posted October 19, 2022) .
Welcome to Prince Rupert sign replacement project underway  -- A program of replacement for the Welcome to Prince Rupert signs at Butze Rapids and the BC Ferries Terminal was launched this week, a project that brings a new look for the Welcome greeting for travellers and frames some of the city's reconciliation ambitions. The highway signs are just the start towards an ambitious replacement plan; also coming this fall replacement of way finding signs throughout the downtown and Cow Bay areas of the city.   (posted  October 19, 2022)

The Beaver didn't do it!! Another major communication outage for North Coast Tuesday -- Residents of many areas of the Northwest were without their Netflix and other comforts, as well as cellular service and long distance land lines on Tuesday following a widespread communication outage in the region.  (posted October 19, 2022) .

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