Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Second Avenue Reconfiguration design plans to move forward; as Council approves quest for Grant funding

Plans to reconfigure Second Avenue sometime in the future, will continue moving forward following approval Monday towards seeking out some grant funding for the proposal by Prince Rupert Council.

The Grant funding request was part of a report for Council related to their larger ambitions towards the City's Active Transportation Network Planning.

There was no formal presentation towards the Grant request, the City Manager noting during the introduction of the Report, that staff were ready to answer any questions that Council may have to the topic, 

Council members however,  had no questions towards the Grant proposal for staff for Monday's session.

Mayor Brain did make note as to how he views the initiative as one which would be a huge project for the community, the Mayor following up on his observation by asking the City Manager if the Ministry of Highways had any position on the Second Avenue  reconfiguration plans. 

City Manager Rob Buchan (far right corner) speaking to Council
on Second Avenue plans on Monday night

In Reply, City Manger, Mr. Rob Buchan noted that the City is still working with the province towards the proposed reconfiguration.

"We are still working with them, it's all positive. We're moving forward with expectations that the concept that we've worked out with them thus far, will be approved conceptually in the near future"

You can review the full discussion of the topic from the video archive starting at the ten minute mark.

You can review the full  report to Council from our preview of Monday, that item also includes a link to the State of the City Presentation of the summer which included some notes on the proposed road reconfiguration plans.

More items of interest from Monday's Council session can be reviewed through our Council Timeline Feature.

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  1. Is this going to be another four years of councillors staying silent accepting staff reports. The city deserves better. The council meeting are also a forum to enlighten the residents of what is being proposed. Four more years of good job let’s get the meeting over with?

    1. It could have been you at the council table but ur too afraid

  2. The peanut gallery can also serve as is can point out errors in council ways!

  3. "It could have been you at the council table but ur too afraid."

    That's a tired old trope to try to counter diversity of opinion: run for office or shut up, and in this case a bit nasty by alleging fear without any factual basis. Citizens are entitled to have their own views and to express them. Whether they choose to run for office is separate matter entirely and up to them.

    1. Dear Word Salad,

      The only thing we are afraid of is your grammar.

      Signed, NCR readers