Monday, October 24, 2022

City set to move forward towards funding request for design work on reconfigured Second Avenue West road plans

The makeover for Second Avenue West is still high on the to do list for Prince Rupert's Council and staff, with a report for tonight asking for approval to move forward in seeking grant funding for plans towards a design for the reconfiguration of Second Avenue West.

The proposed project was one of the elements from Mayor Lee Brain's State of the City presentation of the summer, a proposal that would see the downtown core stretch of Second Avenue receive a make over with some extensive changes in mind.

That initiative is one set to move forward,  now that the volume of truck traffic has been reduced with the opening of the Ridley to Fairview-DP World dedicated roadway.

From the Report to Council it's noted that:

The reconfiguration would include, amongst other assets, a separated cycling lane, curb extensions, and end-of-trip facilities to promote active transportation. As 2nd Avenue is part of a highway that is under the purview of the Province’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the detailed designs would be developed in consultation with the Province.

It's estimated in the report that the City's share of the additional cost for the design work of the priority project would be approximately $110,000.

You can review the full report from Council below.

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The full report, along with its supporting documentation is available through the City's Agenda for tonight's Council Session. The description of the proposal and the documentation can be found starting on page 47.

Council members will have opportunity to discuss the proposal as part of tonights session.

More note on the Council Session can be reviewed through our  Council Preview.

A look at more of the City's Major Projects and Infrastructure themes can be reviewed here.


  1. This plan doesn't seem to take into account double parking, motorhomes. and full-size pick-ups. Small car only signs don't work. There is still semi-trailer traffic on the highway making deliveries to businesses in town and Fairview.
    The problem I am really interested in is snow removal with the configuration as designed. One vehicle parked diagonally will screw-up snow removal. Department of highways should reject this idea. Have they been consulted on this plan or is the city winging it?

  2. "Moderate staff time will be required to manage the grant and project"

    Quantify moderate.

    While council members are quick to point out grant funding and take victory laps.

    Is the time spent by city staff to manage the pipeline of grants and projects as efficient as it should be?
    At what point does a moderate amount of time become an unreasonable amount of time?
    What is our opportunity cost? Could this staff time be spent adding more value to taxpayers in other ways?

  3. What about leasing an empty lot and the city rent out parking spots. There is the odd lot around town doing nothing but growing weeds. I would lie to add there should be more empty lots around town if the city would take action.

  4. Curb extension screws up snow plowing and street cleaning.
    The few curb extensions in town now are full of mud and weeds as the street sweeper doesn’t work on that tight an angle.
    The city should start cleaning the existing prior to committing to adding more.

  5. NCR commenters: blah blah blah city sucks

    1. You are correct the city does suck! Fix 700 block on 3rd West. Eyesores should not be accepted by the residents. Get grant money for that mess.

    2. Can’t help but call a spade a spade. The downtown is in shambles. Can we get rid of the derelict buildings, burned down rubble and all the weeds/trees/trash growing all over the place first before we start changing the roads.

  6. It is funny how the present council does not look at previous history. Second ave used to have diagonal parking down its full length, the city council of the day took it away because of all of the accidents caused by people backing into traffic. Has anything changed? bad idea and bubble curbs don't do anything to help traffic flow either. leave it a 4 lane road!

  7. Replies

      Given the above weekly cycling statistics in Prince Rupert.
      I question why a single block bike lane and end of trip facilities are being pushed to the front of the line by city administration.