Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Major project Update counts four as completed with second wave of projects at less than 25 percent progress

Operations Director Richard Pucci (far left) provided an update on the 
City's Major Projects inventory list on Monday

The City's Operations Director Richard Pucci provided for his final Major Projects Update for the current Council membership, many of the projects launched within this last term of office which will come to a close with next Council taking office in November.

For the report, Mr. Pucci could add one more to the completion side, making note of the completion of the Woodworth Dam, which now joins the Eat Street Project, New Landfill Cell and the city's Recycling Program in the Mission accomplished category.

There was a caveat on the completion status for the Water Dam at Woodworth Lake with Mr. Pucci noting that the reservoir is in the process of filling and that there is still a  few final steps to take place before it goes into full service.

"We are vey pleased to say that the Woodworth Dam project and structure is complete. We had Council out what was that last week or the week before to take a picture.  

The reservoir  you know with all the rain is bouncing back there's a little bit of work to do to hook up the line, bleed all the air valves and get the water going through the system.

But ultimately it will be Mother Nature that tells us when it comes back to the community, when the water is cleaned up enough for Northern Health to allow us to bring it forward"

Of the seven remaining projects listed as High Priority, only the work moving forward on the RCMP Detachment project has reached the 25 percent complete mark.

One project has been put on hold, that of the Third Avenue Extension plans, the city seemingly waiting for lot development to be confirmed.

The next item of note for the public may be the city's pilot project for an innovative wetlands Sewage Treatment, with the test site proposed for an area off of Omenica Avenue.  The initiative has now reached 90 percent completion for design, with the project approved to proceed and Operations looking for budget to go forward next year.

The Operations Director's notes on each of the projects can be reviewed from his report below:

Council members had no questions to ask of Mr. Pucci on Monday evening. 

One item that did not get a review or make for a focus for discussion were the city's ambitions towards it's water treatment planning and the call for a Request for Expressions of Interest towards potential business partnerships for the project.

The Water Treatment project is listed at ten percent complete to date, how that proposed partnership would work apparently will be for the next Council membership to ask questions towards.

His presentation to Council can be reviewed from the Video Archive of Monday's Council session starting at the 2 minute mark.

More notes on Monday's Council Session can be reviewed through our Council Timeline Feature.

A review of some of the City's Major Projects can be explored from our archive page here.

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